Tips for successful video Skype interview

Hey guys! I am going to share some of the best practices for Skype video Interview.

Skype – Video interviews are bit different compared to personal interview. In this pandemic condition, when employers have to take online interviews through Skype or any other online platform like Zoom app. Managerial level employees knows about these types of online interview, but entry level employees have never experienced this and tends to make mistakes in it. It is good to do practice number of times than making unintentional errors. 

Online skype interviews is being preferred due to many reasons thsee days. Many MNCs are trying to shift to online skype interviews because it’s very convenient and ease of availability of both parties (interviewer and interviewee). Most of the time candidates cannot keep waiting or may be interviewees are residing in some other part of the country.

Look at the camera, not at the screen.

First and the most important point! In Skype interview or any other video interview always look at the camera. I know it is very difficult to do this but practice will make you perfect. Most of the candidates watch the screen instead of camera in Skype interview. It is very annoying. To maintain an eye contact you have to look at the camera. Unfortunately, there is no any option.

Dress Code

Always consider Skype interview is like giving in person interview. At least try to wear professional clothes from head to waist! I hope a serious person who is looking for a job would do this.

Manage your background

At least give half an hour time for dressing up and to manage your background. Try to be at quiet area for an interview and there should not be any distractions. Always try to lock a door before you start for video or Skype interview to avoid any interruptions.

Practice! Practice!! Practice!!!

Doing mock interviews with any of your friend would always be advised as you may feel awkward initially, especially in training yourself to watch at the camera. Try to explore all the settings and have hands on in Skype to avoid any technical issues related to audio or video.

No background apps in the phone or computer

If you’re constantly getting Whats app – Facebook notifications is very unprofessional and distracting. Make sure you have kept phone silent or logged off from such apps.

Use of Cheat Sheet

You can make use notes or keep your resume handy when you’re being interviewd. This is the best part of online video skype interview.

Check your Body language

Try to maintain good posture and relax your shoulders

Audio Video issues

Try to be in the good network area to avoid audio video lag issues. Try to avoid saying “Am I audible to you ?” repeatedly.

Maintain engaging conversation

Try to maintain conversation engaging is the key part of all kinds of interviews.

Follow ups

Always maintain professionalism even after giving an interview. Try to avoid repeat follow ups to know the status of any interview. Always give your active email ID and phone number so you will be updated about your interview status.